Customer Experience Management Framework

Haapi - the Happiness Analysis API framework empowers your enterprise to translate customer experience feedbacks into customer satisfaction insights through the CEM framework.The CX framework helps to measure customer satisfaction, NPS for different industries, which allows you to drill down to real-time CX feedback data aligned with business intelligence program. Connect your CRM or ERP system with Haapi CEM framework for every key customer touch-points, which automates real-time customer experience surveys for continual improvement of customer experience.

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Build Great Customer Experiences Across Multiple Touch points

Haapi™ CEM framework ensures customer experience management implementation with your existing system across multiple CX touch points. The HaapiCEM framework is designed to give you access to customer satisfaction, sentiment and happiness index data in real-time. These amazing features allow to understand the customer experience issues at hand and create a leadership-driven, collaborative approach to address them in real-time. Haapi CEM framework and the Customer Experience Management solution transforms the real-time customer feedbacks through digital mediums like SMS, Email, and other multiple social touch-points to build the optimum service delivery framework catering to leaders in automobile, banking, retail, healthcare, hospitality, education and public utility services and several other industries.


Patient happiness analytical in healthcare strategy and operations improvement


Implement Business Intelligence Blended With Customer Experience


Measure customer experience dimensions in hotel and hospitality industry

Public Utility

Customer Experience Enhancements in Travel, Airline, Hotel & Tourism Industry


Improve Loyalty Programs by Customer Experience Management


Financial institutions implementing customer happiness analysis to maintain growth and profitability

Service Provider

Integrated and improve customer happiness analysis with customer facing process to be responsive to customer requirements


Integrated and improve customer satisfaction analysis with insured and survivors for insurance industries


Measure student experience and satisfaction index dimensions in universities and educational institutions

Supply Chain

Customer experience enhancements and measurement of performance focuses on total system efficiency within the supply chain

Shipping & Logistics

Customer experience enhancements and measurement of end customer satisfaction for shipping


CEM solution enables automobile manufactures, dealers and service providers to capture the "voice of the customer"

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Transform Customer Experience with Digital Maturity

Providing customers a great digital experience means integrating and optimizing your enterprise system with real-life customer experience across web and mobile channels. To improve customer satisfaction about using your products and services are captured by online web portal experience, or by smart phone engagement satisfaction, and reviewed by real-time customer satisfaction rating dashboards. Haapi- the customer happiness analysis API framework for customer experience management and business intelligence reporting solution is designed to give you access to customer sentiment and customer experience index in real-time. Customer experience analytics provides customer satisfaction insight into that enhances productivity, predictability and process quality.

Preferred Channel

Haapi CX framework enable customers to use their preferred channel, like you need a multichannel approach that includes digital experience to allow customers to use their preferred channel.

CX Strategy

Customer Experience Management platform that offer campaign management tools which can leverage customer information to enable you to develop and execute a successful CX strategy.

Personalized CEM

You can create relevant, personalized, outbound online, e-mail, SMS or CATI by Haapi CX framework to manage campaigns by service window-wise dashboard reports, and location based CX analysis.

Measure Real-time CX

Helps to measure the effectiveness of CX campaigns by viewing statistics by location, and enables to compare CX parameter using real-time dashboards to review CX promotions, and CEM strategies.

The Happiness Analysis API framework acts as an interface between your enterprise system and customer experience management framework analysis based on real-time customer responses. The Haapi framework empowers you to review CX and NPS in real-time and provides quality metrics that helps you to analyze customer feedbacks and improve the overall customer facing processes. A scalable CEM solution for delivering automated customer experience survey configuration with advanced integration, security, and real-time CX dashboards for analytics.